Group synergy in regional redevelopment
IKEUCHI GROUP places great emphasis on regeneration and revitalization of the region.
To this end, we have consolidated all business functions, from real-estate development to business management, within one group.
We can offer a one-stop shop for services, including planning, execution and management, related to regional redevelopment.
  • Location analysis
  • Shop Planning & Leasing
  • Design/Planning
  • Production
  • Construction
  • Management & Operations
  • Retail
  • Marketing Support
  • Toward Local Regeneration
Location analysis
In order to find suitable areas for commercial development, we study the regional characteristics around the candidate site, survey transportation systems and people flow, and making full use of data and analytical logic, predict the number of customers and sales.
Shop Planning & Leasing
We conduct a variety of research on opening locations, from area marketing to new store openings, to market research, including store opening planning.
We also provide support for store development from the signing of the leasing agreement.
We aim for the global development of designs and planning based on the motto, "Enduring," that goes beyond notions of past, present and future.
Superior skill and attention to detail allow us to provide quality products at a reasonable price.
We manufacture dependable products through a general production management system that gives proper consideration to process control, quality control, safety and environment best suited to the project.
Management & Operations
We provide the total management of the customer's operations and management through the combined efforts of our group companies.
From store management and adminsistration to customer service, we aim to provide service that keeps the customer's perspective in mind and tries to stay one step ahead.
Marketing Support
We provide a range of services ranging from acquisition of customer information to information dissemination and analysis.
To realize effective marketing, target list creation, analytical services, media selection and other diverse know-how are consolidated to support optimization.
Toward Local Regeneration



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