IKEUCHI GROUP always offers our best and the best for everyone to make a positive contribution to their lives. With enthusiasm and a sense of duty, we share and expand a more civilized lifestyle from our base here in Hokkaido, overflowing with creative energy.
IKEUCHI GROUP President and CEO, Kazumasa Ikeuchi
Management Philosophy
We contribute the local community to enrich the lives of every person and “build a more perfect set of values”.
  • Thanks to our customers (always from the customers’ perspective)
  • Thanks to our business partners
  • Thanks to our stockholders
  • Improved employee lifestyle
Quality Policy
The IKEUCHI GROUP follows the four paths (love, knowledge, reflection, & development) in creating its management philosophy with the aim of creating a business group focused on the cultural redevelopment of local regions.
We aim to integrate three main business functions and to spread and develop the local Hokkaido culture and lifestyle both nationally and internationally.
Sharing and expanding a more civilized lifestyle
Sharing and expanding a more civilized lifestyle
  • Ⅰ. Business related to real estate development,PM,FM,AM,resorts,and multi retailers
  • Ⅱ. Business related to construction,equipment production,smart building development
  • Ⅲ. Business related to ICT,AI,communication,human resources,consulting,and aerospace development