The IKEUCHI GROUP follows the four paths (love, knowledge, reflection, & development) in creating its management philosophy with the aim of creating a business group focused on the cultural redevelopment of local regions.
Ⅰ. PM・FM・Real Estate・Resort・Multi Retailer・Development
  • Property management
    We raise building values with regard to office buildings, commercial facilities and hotel management by attracting tenants and enhancing the facility environment.
  • Facility Management
    Promote comprehensive facility management to develop and maintain optimum conditions for all land, buildings and facilities.
  • Real Estate Development
    As part of providing a link between real estate owners and customers, we receive requests from individuals, corporations and investors, dealing with specifications, contract terms and adjustments to support smooth progress in negotiations.
  • Lifestyle Retailer
    We develop a complete range of retail (outdoor · sports · apparel), EXIT (rental · reuse · recycling · outlet · outfitter), and food/lifestyle businesses in our role as a multi-retailer.
Ⅱ. Building・Facility Production
  • Design, Planning, Construction
    We execute and manage a range of services from space production & coordination, including effective utilization of land and buildings, to basic planning & design to the implementation of design & construction as well as equipment planning & installation.
  • Product Design
    We design products, equipment and other goods necessary for daily life, particularly furniture products, to allow you to differentiate yourself from the others.
  • Production
    We provide quality products using hi-tech methods and paying careful attention to detail.
Ⅲ. Information・IT・Content・Human Resource Development
  • IT
    We acquire diverse information safely through our advanced information network and provide creative and vibrant information for all fields.
  • Content
    We produce and provide content for companies, such as web production, corporate information, and advertisements.
  • Human Resource Development
    We contribute to the continued development of regional economies through business and human resource developemnt & mobilization support.



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FAX. +81-11-222-2908